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Mold Remediation is also a very profitable industry, once your set up and have paid all of your initial costs, such as your home office, certifications, equipment, you are set up to becoming a highly profitable business. My proven system secrets and approach that has generated millions in revenue is all provided and done for you!

14 years ago I started with one carpeting cleaning van. I just had my first-born twins! I feared not having enough money to pay my bills and raise kids. I had tried many get rich fast schemes and other business opportunities. Without a consistent steady flow of income, I could rely on, I knew it was time to buckle down and create consistent cash flow. My journey has allowed me to help you accelerate the process of starting a very profitable recession proof essential cleaning niche in the mold remediation business. I have packaged everything together; all you need to do is follow the ultimate easy program and create your new career. I am still working in the field every day and I am looking to help only a few select motivated people to achieve their own extraordinary success! Fill out the application today! I specialize in helping entrepreneurs start or increase their sales in the mold remediation industry. With more natural disasters occurring each year, the restoration and remediation industry is growing at a rapid pace. With the right amount of knowledge and an investment you can start your own mold remediation business. In times of recession, an essential business-like mold remediation remains untouched. Recession conditions do not stop disaster from striking, leaving plenty of work for the companies in business at the time. Owning your own business is an amazing feeling like no other. You are the boss who sets the schedule, and you get to choose how things operate. You do not have to worry about a recession getting in the way with a mold business, as there is always water damage somewhere. Design your business schedule around what works for you and your family, giving you precious extra time with loved ones.


How It Works

We help you start and launch your own Mold Remediation Business in 7-14 days.
Our mold certification courses will teach you the skills to work as a Mold Inspector and/or Mold Remediation Contractor in all states. You will receive 2 nationally recognized mold certifications, the certified mold inspector and the certified mold remediation.

Our design and programming team will create all your marketing material from website, logo, brochures and sales collateral. Last but not least you will be provided with an equipment starter package and 24 weeks of support.

  • National Certifications
  • Mold Inspector
  • Mold Remediation Contractor
  • Website
  • Logo Design
  • Marketing Collateral
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • 24 Weeks Support

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